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Company Profile

Atlantic Coast Industrial, LLC


Founded: 2000

Owner: David Brinkley

Certifications: General Contractor, NCDOT  Contractor


Areas of expertise:  Marine Construction, Salvage, Dockage, Commercial Diving 


Some of our clients include:

Atlantic Coast Industrial was formed by David Brinkley in 2000.  It started as a small Commercial Diving outfit and has grown into a full fledged marine construction company serving mainly Eastern North Carolina.  Services include but are not limited to: marine construction, commercial diving, pile driving, steel fabrication, marine salvage, concrete and steel structure demolition and construction.  Atlantic Coast Industrial is fully staffed with divers and professional construction tradesmen and welders.  ACI owns a variety of equipment including barges, cranes, tug boats, crew boats, excavators, derrick rigs, and diving gear.  ACI is licensed General Contractors and an approved NCDOT contractor.  We staff professional estimators and engineers, and have certified divers and operators.